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The Western Administrative Heads Section (W-AHS)

The Western Administrative Heads Section’s mission and purpose is to:
  • Provide leadership and organizational structure to guide and advise Western Region research, instructional, extension, international, and informational programs to identify needs and opportunities and to establish priorities of Western Region land-grant colleges of agriculture.
  • To coordinate the various aspects and plans to bring consistency and coherence to the total regional program.
  • To encourage, review, evaluate and recommend cooperative regional programs and activities.
These purposes shall include:
  • Provide communications and input/output linkages with the agricultural sector through the Western Council for Agricultural Research, Extension and Teaching (Western CARET), and other support organizations.
  • Suggest and recommend new and expanded areas for involvement by Western Region land-grant colleges of agriculture.
  • Review and recommend priorities among the various functions (Research, Instruction, Extension, Service, International).
  • Develop public support.
  • Serve as a sounding board for emerging issues.
  • Help enhance public interpretation of agriculture and related programs.
  • Stimulate cooperation and communication among county, state, regional, and national advisory groups and support organizations.
  • Communicate program priorities and fiscal needs to the appropriate planning and funding sources.

Important documents

Description and linkNotes
Association By-lawsRevised July 21, 2009

W-AHS Meetings and Minutes

Year Location Minutes
2023 Richland, WA
2022 Concord, CA
2021 Virtual
2020 Virtual
2019 Albuquerque, NM
2018 Tumon, GU
2017 Portland, OR
2016 Bozeman, MT
2015 Breckenridge, CO
2014 Lake Tahoe, NV
2013 Coeur d’Alene, ID
2012 Park City, UT
2011 Honolulu, HI
July 12-15, 2010 Tucson, AZ
July 19-22, 2009 Blaine, WA
July 6-9, 2008 Fairbanks, AK Minutes
July 15-18, 2007 Jackson, WY
July 9-12, 2006 Monterey, CA Minutes
July 10-13, 2005 Santa Fe, NM Minutes
July 13-16, 2003 Newport, OR Minutes

Joint Summer Meeting Rotation

Host StateLast year hostedLast meeting venueNext year hostingNext year meeting location
Hawaii1997Kihei, Maui2011Honolulu
Utah1998Park City2012Park City
Idaho1999Sun Valley2013Coeur d’Alane
Nevada2000Lake Tahoe2014

Lake Tahoe

(Bill Payne, Chair)

Colorado2001Keystone Resort2015


(Craig Beyrouty, Chair)

Montana2002Big Sky Resort2016


(Charles Boyer, Chair)

Oregon2003Otter Crest Resort2017


(Dan Arp, Chair)



(Lee Yudin, Chair)

New Mexico2005Santa Fe2019Albuquerque, NM (Rolando Flores, Chair)
California2006Monterey2020Virtual (Glenda Humiston, Chair)
Wyoming2007Jackson2021Virtual (Barbara Rasco, Chair)
Alaska2008Fairbanks2022Concord, CA (Pete Pinney, Chair)
Washington2009Semiahmoo2023Richland, WA (Wendy Powers, Chair)

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