Western Association of Agricultural Experiment Station Directors


Current and historical WAAESD meetings, agendas, and minutes

215June 19-22, 2023Richland, WASummer MeetingAgendaMinutes
214March 27-30, 2023Denver, COJoint w/WEDAAgendaMinutes
213September 25-28, 2022Baltimore, MDESS/CES/NEDAAgendaMinutes
212June 27-July 1, 2022Concord, CASummer MeetingAgendaMinutes
212March 22, 2022Reno, NVJoint w/WEDAAgendaMinutes
211Sept 28, 2021Olympic Valley, CAESS/SAES/ARDAgendaMinutes
210June 28-July 1, 2021VirtualJointAgendaMinutes
209March 29, 2021VirtualJoint w/WEDA Minutes
208Fall 2020VirtualESS/SAES/ARD  
207Summer 2020VirtualJoint  
206Spring 2020VirtualJoint w/WEDA  
205Fall 2019 ESS/SAES/ARD  
204July 8-11, 2019Albuquerque, NMJoint Summer MeetingAgendaMinutes
203April 1-4, 2019San Diego, CAJoint w/WEDAAgendaMinutes
202October 1-3, 2018Lincoln, NEESS/SAES/ARDAgendaMinutes
201July 9-11, 2018Tumon, GUJointAgendaMinutes
200March 26-28, 2018San Diego, CAJoint w/WEDAAgendaMinutes
199Sept. 25-28, 2017Philadelphia, PAESS/SAES/ARDAgendaMinutes
198July 10-19, 2017Portland, ORJointAgendaMinutes
197March 27-29, 2017Kona, HIJoint w/WEDAAgendaMinutes
196Sep 19-22, 2016Jackson Lake Lodge in Grand Teton N.P.Joint ESS/CES-NEDA AgendaMinutes
195July 10-16, 2016Bozeman, MTJointAgenda Minutes
194Mar 29-Apr 1, 2016 Santa Fe, NMJoint w/WEDAAgendaMinutes
193Sep 28-Oct 1, 2015Charlotte, NCESS/SAES/ARDAgendaMinutes
192July 6-9, 2015Breckenridge, COJointAgendaWAAESD MinutesJoint Session Notes
191April 28-May 1, 2015Portland, ORJoint w/WEDAWAAESD Agenda, Joint AgendaMinutes
190Sept.29-Oct 3, 2014Jekyll Island, GAESS/SAES/ARDAgenda Minutes
189July 6- 10, 2014Lake Tahoe, NVJoint Agenda Minutes
188Spring, 2014San Diego, CAJoint w/WEDAAgenda Minutes
187September 25, 2013Columbus, OHJoint w/ ESS/SAES/ARDAgenda Minutes
186July 15-17, 2013Coeur d’Alene, IDJointAgendaMinutes
185April 29 – May 2, 2013Fort Collins, COJoint w/WEDA AgendaMinutes
184September 24-26, 2012Portsmouth, NHJoint w/ESS/SAES/ARDAgendaMinutes
183July 9-12, 2012Park City, Utah JointAgenda Minutes
182March 19-21, 2012Napa, California WAAED Agenda Minutes
181September 26-28, 2011Estes Park, Colorado ESS/SAES/ARD Minutes
180July 19-13, 2011Honolulu, Hawaii Joint Minutes
179March 28-30, 2011Albuquerque, New MexicoJoint w/WED MinutesJoint Meeting Reports
178September 27-30, 2010Nashville, Tennessee ESS/SAES/ARD Minutes
177July 12-15, 2010Tucson, Arizona Joint Minutes
176March 22-25, 2010Virginia Beach, VirginiaJoint w/ SAAESD Minutes Joint Minutes
175September 14-17, 2009Oklahoma City, Oklahoma  Minutes
174July 19-22, 2009Semiahmoo, Washington  Minutes
173March 23-25, 2009Davis, California  Minutes
172September 21-24, 2008Traverse City, Michigan  Minutes
171July 6-9, 2008Fairbanks, Alaska  Minutes
170March 17-20, 2008Tucson, Arizona  Minutes
169September  16-18, 2007Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  Minutes
168July 15-18, 2007Jackson, Wyoming  Minutes
167March 19-22, 2007Kona, Hawai’iJoint w/NCRA Minutes
166September 24-27, 2006Lake Tahoe, Nevada  Minutes
165July 9-12, 2006Monterey, California  Minutes
164March 20-22, 2006San Diego, California  Minutes
162September 25-28, 2005San Antonio, Texas (Cancelled due to Hurricane Rita)  None
162July 10-13, 2005Santa Fe, New Mexico  Minutes
161March 21-23, 2005Riverside, California  Minutes
160September 26-29, 2004Oklahoma City, Oklahoma  Minutes
159June 20-24, 2004Guam  Minutes
158March 22-25, 2004Las Vegas, Nevada  Minutes
157September 22-24, 2003Dearborn, Michigan  Minutes
156July 13-16, 2003Newport, Oregon  Minutes
155March 23-26, 2003Lihu’e,Kaua’i, Hawai’i  Minutes
154September 22-25, 2002Baltimore, Maryland  Minutes
153July 14-17, 2002Big Sky, Montana  Minutes
152March 21-22, 2002Las Cruces, New Mexico  Minutes
151September 24-27, 2001Coeur d’Alene, Idaho  Minutes
150July 15-18, 2001Keystone Resort, Colorado  Minutes
149March 14-16, 2001Tucson, Arizona  Minutes
148September 25-28, 2000New Orleans, Louisiana  Minutes
147July 16-19, 2000Lake Tahoe, Nevada  Minutes
146March 22-24, 2000San Diego, California  Minutes
145September 28-30, 1999Memphis, Tennessee  Minutes
144July 11-14, 1999Sun Valley, Idaho  Minutes
143March 22-24, 1999Kona, Hawai’i  Minutes
142September 22, 1998Kansas City, Missouri  Minutes
141July 8-11, 1998Park City, Utah  Minutes
140March 18-20, 1998Newport, Oregon  Minutes
139November 18, 1997Washington, DC  Minutes
138July 13-17, 1997Maui, Hawai’i  Minutes
137March 12-14, 1997Napa, California  Minutes
136November 16, 1996San Diego, California  Minutes
135July 14-17, 1996Tucson, Arizona  Minutes
134March 13-15, 1996Las Cruces, NM  Minutes
133November 13-15, 1995Orlando, Florida  Minutes
132July 16-19, 1995Leavenworth, Washington  Minutes
131March 14-15, 1995Tucson, Arizona  Minutes
130November 8, 1994Chicago, Illinois  Minutes
129July 17-21, 1994Fairbanks, Alaska  Minutes
128March 8-9, 1994Ft. Collins, Colorado  Minutes
127November 11, 1993Washington, DC  Minutes
126July 6-8, 1993Jackson, Wyoming  Minutes
125March 9-10, 1993Reno, Nevada  Minutes
124November 8, 1992New Orleans, Lousiana  Minutes
123July 19-23, 1992Monterey, California  Minutes
122March 24-25, 1992Salt Lake City, Utah  Minutes
121November 10, 1991Washington, DC  Minutes
120July 22-27, 1991Santa Fe, New Mexico  Minutes
119April 4-5, 1991Tucson, Arizona  Minutes
118November 11, 1990Kansas City, Missouri  Minutes
117June 25-29, 1990Newport, Oregon  Minutes
116March 27-28, 1990Tamuning, Guam  Minutes
115November 20, 1989Washington, DC  Minutes
114July 24-27, 1989Bozeman, Montana  Minutes
113March 22-23, 1989Monterey, California  Minutes
112November 14, 1988Dallas, Texas  Minutes
111July 28-29, 1988Fort Collins, Colorado  Minutes
110March 23-24, 1988Las Cruces, New Mexico  Minutes
109November 11, 1987Washington, DC  Minutes
108July 21-24, 1987Reno, Nevada  Minutes
107March 1, 1987Washington, DC  Minutes
106November 11, 1986Phoenix, Arizona  Minutes
105July 16-18, 1986Coeur d’Alene, Idaho  Minutes
104March 26, 1986Tucson, Arizona  Minutes
103November 11, 1985Washington, DC  Minutes
102August 7-9, 1985Logan, Utah  Minutes
101March 27, 1985Spokane, Washington  Minutes
100November 12, 1984Denver, Colorado  Minutes
99July 31-August 4, 1984Hilo, Hawai’i  Minutes
98March 28, 1984Salt Lake City, Utah  Minutes
97November 14-15, 1983Washington, DC  Minutes
96September 28, 1983Burlingame, California  Minutes
95August 3-5, 1983Corvallis, Oregon  Minutes
94April 7, 1983Denver, Colorado  Minutes
93November 8-10, 1982St. Louis, Missouri  Minutes
92August 5-9, 1982Anchorage & Palmer-Fairbanks, Alaska  Minutes
91November 9, 1981Washington, DC  Minutes
90April 1-3, 1981Oakland, California  Minutes
89November 19, 1980Atlanta, Georgia  Minutes
88August 6-8, 1980Monterey, California  Minutes
87March 26-28, 1980Reno, Nevada  Minutes
86November 26, 1979Washington, DC  Minutes
85March 21-23, 1979Davis, California  Minutes
84August 9-11, 1978Estes Park, Colorado  Minutes
83March 29-31, 1978Honolulu, Hawai’i  Minutes
82July 28-29, 1977Bozeman, Montana  Minutes
81February 22-24, 1977Berkeley, California  Minutes
80July 21-23, 1976Salt Lake City, Utah  Minutes
79February 25-27, 1976Tucson, Arizona  Minutes
77August 6-8, 1975Coeur d’Alene, Idaho  Minutes
76February 26-28, 1975Riverside, California  Minutes
75July 29-August 2, 1974Spokane, Washington  Minutes
74February 20-22, 1974Las Cruces, New Mexico  Minutes
73November 13-14, 1973Denver, Colorado  Minutes
72August 13-17, 1973Newport, Oregon  Minutes
71March 4-9, 1973Berkeley, California  Minutes
70November 14-15, 1972Washington, DC  Minutes
69July 16-21, 1972Reno, Nevada  Minutes
68February 12-18, 1972Keauhou-Kona, Hawai’i  Minutes
67November 8-10, 1971New Orleans, Louisiana  Minutes
66August 4-6, 1971Jackson, Wyoming  Minutes
65March 3-5, 1971Tucson, Arizona  Minutes
64November 9-10, 1970Washington, DC  Minutes
63August 3-7, 1970Logan, Utah  Minutes
62February 23-27, 1970Berkeley, California  Minutes
61November 10-11, 1969ChicAgendao, Illinois  Minutes
60July 21-25, 1969Bozeman, Montana  Minutes
59February 16-21, 1969Waimea, Kaua’i, Hawai’i  Minutes
58November 10-12, 1968Washington, DC  Minutes
57July 23-26, 1968Fort Collins, Colorado  Minutes
56February 26-March 1, 1968Las Cruces, New Mexico  Minutes
55November 12-15, 1967Columbus, Ohio  Minutes
54October 3-5, 1967Berkeley, California  Minutes
53July 25-28, 1967Moscow, Idaho & Pullman, Washington  Minutes
52March 5-9, 1967Berkeley, California  Minutes
51November 13-16, 1966Washington, DC  Minutes
50July 18-21, 1966Corvallis & Newport, Oregon  Minutes
49March 9-11, 1966Tucson, Arizona  Minutes
48November 15, 1965Minneapolis, Minnesota  Minutes
47July 20-22, 1965Reno, Nevada  Minutes
46March 3-5, 1965Berkeley, California  Minutes
45November 11-13, 1964Washington, DC  Minutes
44July 21, 1964Logan, Utah  Minutes
43March 5-8, 1964Honolulu, Hawai’i  Minutes
42November 11-13, 1963Chicago, Illinois  Minutes
41June 19-21, 1963Fort Collins, Colorado  Minutes
40March 26-28, 1963Lake Arrowhead, California  Minutes
39November 12-14, 1962Washington, DC  Minutes
38August 7-9, 1962Bozeman, Montana  Minutes
37March 7-9, 1962Davis, California  Minutes
36November 14-16, 1961Kansas City, Missouri  Minutes
35July 10-12, 1961Laramie, Wyoming & Fort Collins, Colorado  Minutes
34March 6-8, 1961Berkeley, California  Minutes
33November 14, 1960Washington, DC  Minutes
32July 12-14, 1960Pullman, Washington  Minutes
31March 2-4, 1960Las Cruces, New Mexico  Minutes
30November 8-10, 1959St. Louis, Missouri  Minutes
29July 9-11, 1959Corvallis & Ocean Lake, Oregon  Minutes
28March 2-4, 1959Berkeley, California  Minutes
27November 9-10, 1958Washington, DC  Minutes
26July 16-18, 1958Reno, Nevada  Minutes
25March 3-5, 1958Tucson, Arizona  Minutes
23November 9, 1957Denver, Colorado  Minutes
23July 10-12, 1957Logan, Utah  Minutes
22March 4-6, 1957Berkeley, California  Minutes
21November 11-12, 1956Washington, DC  Minutes
20July 16-18, 1956Bozeman, Montana & Dubois, Idaho  Minutes
19February 21-23, 1956Riverside, California  Minutes
18November 13-14, 1955East Lansing, Michigan  Minutes
17July 21, 1955Laramie, Wyoming  Minutes
16February 14-16, 1955Davis, California  Minutes
15November 14-15, 1954Washington, DC  Minutes
14May 19-22, 1954Las Cruces, New Mexico  Minutes
13February 17-19, 1954Berkeley, California  Minutes
12November 8-9, 1953Columbus, Ohio  Minutes
11April 27, 1953Pullman, Washington  Unavailable
10November 9, 1952Washington, DC  Minutes
9April 28-30, 1952Berkeley, California  Minutes
8November 11-12, 1951Houston, Texas  Minutes
7April 30-May 4, 1951Corvallis & Yachats, Oregon  Minutes
6November 12-14, 1950Washington, DC  Minutes
5April 5-6, 1950Berkeley, California  Minutes
4October 23, 1949Kansas City, Missouri  Minutes
3April 11-14, 1949Tucson, Arizona  Minutes
2November 7, 1948Washington, DC  Unavailable
1April 5-9, 1948Berkeley, California  Minutes
 April 16-18, 1947Berkeley, California  Meeting Notes
 April 25, 1946Albany, California  Meeting Notes

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