Western Association of Agricultural Experiment Station Directors


Diseases of cereals

This project has insured effective programs are in place for monitoring and managing important and emerging diseases such as stripe rust, leaf rust, stem rust, and head blight, as well as persistent diseases in small cereal grains in the western United States, resulting in reduced crop losses for producers and cost savings from reduced pesticide applications.

Coordination of sheep and goat research and education programs for the Western States

Scientists from our participating universities have demonstrated improved sheep and goat production efficiencies, control of noxious plants, production of healthier animal product, improved fiber production, and enhanced communication—all of which either measurably reduce operating costs, increase profitability, improve the health of citizens, or improve the environment.

Potato variety development

This project continues to demonstrate its success in coordination of potato varietal development. Several new varieties with improved performance are released annually by project participants, yielding profitable and sustainable production for the grower; improved competitiveness of the U.S. potato industry; a healthy, inexpensive food supply for American consumers; and an improved environment.

Exotic germplasm conversion and breeding common bean

Scientists working under this project have developed several new common bean lines and varieties with biotic and abiotic stress resistance and enhanced nutrition and quality for the benefit of producers, consumers, and the environment.