Volunteer Precipitation Monitoring (WERA-1012, 2008-2013)

Precipitation Data in Demand Recent widespread droughts and severe floods in the U.S. are reminders that fluctuations—especially extremes—in precipitation seriously impact the environment and society. For almost 125 years, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has monitored precipitation types and amounts, making it possible to prepare for variability and extremes. Using real-time and historic precipitation … Read more

Monitoring Rangelands

WERA-040 (2007-2012): This project has provided tools that help landowners and land managers assess the ecological status of rangelands and make management decisions that support the sustainability of healthy rangelands. Who cares and why? Rangelands in the western U.S. form a vast and varied landscape that provides important habitat for wildlife, grazing land for economically-important … Read more

Biological Control of Pests in Plant Systems

W-2185 (2007-2012): This project provided successful, cost-effective, and sustainable pest control in agricultural and natural settings by releasing, manipulating, and conserving the predators, parasites, and pathogens that attack harmful insect and weed pests. Who cares and why? Insect and weed pests cause serious damage to agricultural and natural areas, resulting in economic losses, environmental damage, … Read more