Western Association of Agricultural Experiment Station Directors


Multistate Committee Update 2013-14

The Western Director’s Office has created a PowerPoint presentation, “Multistate Committee Update 2013-14” that covers USDA-NIFA priorities, an update on the federal budget, and tips on writing better impact statements. We encourage all Multistate Research Fund project Administrative Advisers to share this presentation with committees–modify as needed!

FY2013 Assessments Available Now

The Western Director Association FY2013 assessments are now posted on the Treasurer’s website at Montana State University.

National Impact Reporting Project: Status and Update

The National Multistate Research Fund (MRF) Impact Reporting Project began in June 2012. Since then, 43 Impact Statements and several stories and press releases have been published about the important work of the National Multistate Research Fund projects. This program has been critical in educating decision-makers and the American people about the importance of Agricultural … Read more

REEport Implementation and Guidance

REEport will become NIFA’s singular grant and formula project reporting system, building on and replacing the existing CRIS web forms system. REEport will utilize the Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR), a standard progress report format that all Federal research agencies will be required to use. Information about the deployment of the production version of REEport … Read more

Impact and Innovation of Agbioscience in the Southern United States

On March 6, 2013, the Southern Association of Agricultural Experiment Station Directors and the Association of Southern Regional Extension Directors released a comprehensive report, “Impact and Innovation of Agbioscience in the Southern United States: The Importance of the Southern Region’s Land‐grant Extension Service and Experiment Station System.” This report was developed by the Battelle Technology Partnership … Read more

Impact Statement Portfolio, 2011 & 2012 Multistate Research Projects

A portfolio of impact statements for Multistate Research Projects that ended in 2011 or 2012 is now available (NOTE: Some 2012 terminating projects are not included because impact statements have not yet been finalized). Background on the Impact Reporting Effort Effective communications of research outcomes is crucial to maintaining as well as building support for … Read more

Improving the End-use Quality of Wheat

WERA-1009 (2007-2012): This project improved the quality of existing and new wheat varieties, giving   growers more profitable choices, helping U.S. wheat compete in domestic and international markets, and providing a  stable supply of high quality wheat products for industrial partners and consumers. Who cares and why? There are many varieties of wheat, each with unique … Read more

Management of Pesticide Resistance

WERA-060 (2007-2012): This multidisciplinary project continues to develop resources, tools, and methods  that significantly reduce the threat of pesticide resistance, thus helping to sustain the usefulness of important pest  management tools and strategies, reduce losses from pest damage, and protect public and environmental health. Who cares and why? Pesticides are important tools used in managing … Read more

Bioactive Dietary Chemicals

W-2122 (2006 – 2011): This project advanced our understanding of bioactive dietary chemicals that can be either beneficial or harmful to human health, thus identifying  ways to improve food safety, prevent common diseases, and ensure that consumers have a safe, healthy food supply. What has the project done so  far? Who cares and why? Bioactive … Read more