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Sangita Parwar

Assistant Dean for Research Administration College of Agriculture & Life SciencesUniversity of Arizona
Work AZ Work Phone: 520-626-3827
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Research Interests

  • Mechanisms of cancer metastasis
  • Adaptation of cancer cells for migration

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Cancer cells have to adapt to their microenvironment to enable them to leave the primary foci in order to travel to distant sites to establish metastasis. Depending on the site and tissue of the metastasis site the cells express corresponding proteins which enable them to survive in the new microenvironment. My research focuses on the changes that take place in a cancer cell which is capable of establishing tumors at secondary sites.

More than 75% of cancer related fatalities are due to complications that arise due to cancer metastasis. I am interested in identifying prognostic and therapeutic biomarker targets for cancer metastasis. My research is focused on studying cancer specific cleaved proteins that are released by cancer cells.

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