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This section is for documents that may be useful to Directors and Administrative Advisers. Presentations from past meetings also may be posted here.


CRIS Data & Graphs for the Western Region (from USDA – NIFA)

This information is of use to Directors in understanding the region’s portfolio and managing individual station efforts. The information is also used by the Western Multistate Review Committee (W-MRC) to evaluate progress of Western Regional Projects. The year shown is the year in which the report was prepared and provides CRIS data for three previous fiscal years.

Western Joint Summer Meeting Planning Guide (click on items to download a Word or Excel file)

This planning guide was developed by Montana State University in preparation for the 2002 Joint Summer Meeting. It may be used by other member institutions as a guide to plan for future meetings.


  1. For information after 2012 go to  https://www.nimss.org/ and sort by participation
  2. 2011 Multistate Research Fund Summary [All States-bookmarked PDF] & Summaries By State:

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