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NIMSS T.I.P.S is an occasional e-newsletter that offers hints, suggestions, and reminders that can improve your experience using the NIMSS database. Below is an archive of some of the most frequently asked questions that have been featured in the e-newsletterAbout Participants

About Participants

‘Tis the season for projects to renew and new projects to be initiated. One of the most important roles of the Administrative Advisor is to help recruit and then approve participants. Before you can begin signing participants up to a new or renewing project, you must complete the project proposal (see
NIMSS T.I.P.S. Issue 6 for how to start and renew a multistate project). Potential participants and their Station Directors need a complete proposal to reference in order to fill out an Appendix E form to join the project. Once a proposal has been loaded into NIMSS, however, you can begin to sign up participants.

To Invite Participants to a New Project:

  • Open and log into NIMSS (
  • From green menu, mouse over “Participants” and select “Invite Participants”
  • Find your project from the list
  • Click the “Invite” button
  • Insert a new “cut off date” for adding participants (recall that we’d like a very complete Appendix E list by January 15, 2013!)
  • Click the “Change” button
  • Click “Send”

Your invitation will now go to all Station Directors in the system, helping you recruit new participants from Land-Grant Universities across the nation to your project. You can repeat this process any time if you feel participation is lacking, even after the project has been approved.

To Invite Participants to a Renewing Project:
Inviting participants to a renewing project follows the same steps as above for inviting participants to a new project. In addition to completing that step, however, you may also want to send a notice to those who participated on the previous iteration of the project. To do this, simply follow the steps for How to Contact A Committee Via NIMSS from NIMSS T.I.P.S. Issue 2.

Approving Participants
Administrative Advisors are also responsible for approving participants to a new/renewing project. While AAs and committees really have no say in who can join a project (Station Directors have the final say on project participation), AA’s are responsible for approving Appendix Es and this is a critical role in ensuring accurate data is recorded for the project.

If you have participants to approve, there will be a notice on your NIMSS main page under the “For Action!!” header that says “Participants to be approved” and you will receive an email to this effect. Prior to approving, ensure that the Appendix E form has been filled out accurately and completely; be sure that participants have indicated what objectives they intend to contribute to and that they have committed a reasonable amount of time to the project. If you reject a participant because their information is incomplete/inaccurate, be sure to tell them why and suggest that they EDIT their Appendix E to make the appropriate changes (they should not create a new Appendix E).



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