Multistate Projects: Impact Statement Archive

2011 Impact Statement Catalogue:  A compilation of all completed Impact Statements for multistate research projects that terminated in 2011.

2012 Impact Statement Catalogue:  A compilation of all completed Impact Statements for multistate research projects that terminated in 2012.

2013 Impact Statement Catalogue: COMING SOON!


National Research Support Projects 

NRSP008 (2008-2013): National Animal Genome Project


Western Region Projects

W-504 (2006-2011): Biology and Management of Spotted Wing Drosophila in Fruits

W1008 (2007 – 2012) Iris Yellow Spot Virus and Thrips in Onions

W1005 (2007-2012): Preventing Obesity in High Risk Families

W-1045: Agrochemical Impacts on Human And Environmental Health–Mechanisms and Mitigation

W-1150: Exotic Germplasm Conversion and Breeding Common Bean

W-1167 (2006-2011): The Changing Landscape of Women in America

W-1173 (2006-2011): Stress Factors of Farm Animals and Effects on Performance

W-1188: Characterization of Flow and Transport Processes in Soils at Different Scales

W-1192: Economic, Social, and Ecological Issues of Rangeland Fragmentation that Affect Rangeland Sustainability and Rural Communities

W-2001 (2007-2012): Rural Population Change

W-2003 (2008-2013): Motivating Calcium Intake in Children

W-2045 (2010-2015): Mitigating Agrochemical Impacts

W-2122 (2007-2012): Bioactive Dietary Chemicals

W-2128 (2009-2014): Microirrigation for Sustainable Water Use

W-2185 (2007-2012): Biological Control of Pests in Plant Systems

WCC-1006 (2006-2011): Management of the Mexican Wolf

WERA-020 (2006-2011): Virus and Virus-Like Diseases of Fruit Trees, Small Fruits, and Grapevines

WERA-027: Potato Variety Development

WERA-039: Coordination of Sheep and Goat Research and Education Programs for the Western States

WERA-040 (2007-2012): Monitoring Rangelands

WERA-060 (2007-2012): Management of Pesticide Resistance

WERA-066 (2006-2011): Integrated Management of Cereal Arthropod Pests

WERA-089 (2006-2011): Potato Virus and Virus-Like Disease Management

WERA-097: Diseases of Cereals

WERA-099 (2006-2011): Molluscan Shellfish Broodstock Management

WERA-102: Climate Data and Analyses for Applications in Agriculture and Natural Resources

WERA-1009 (2007-2012): Improving End-use Quality of Wheat

WERA-1012 (2008-2013): Volunteer Precipitation Monitoring


North Central Region Projects


Northeastern Region Projects

NE-009 (2008-2013): Conserving Plant Genetic Resources

NE-1035 (2008-2013): Improving Greenhouse Production

Southern Region Projects

S-1031 (2008-2013): Improving Catfish Production & Performance

S1032 (2007-2013): Sustainable Livestock & Poultry Production