Photo of Rachel Leon Guerrero
Associate Dean/Director College of Agriculture and Life SciencesqUniversity of Guam
Work UOG Station Mangilao GU 96923
Work Phone: 671-735-2004

BA, Biology, University of Guam
MS, Nutritional Sciences, University of Hawaii
PhD, Food Science and Nutrition, Colorado State University

Nutrition and dietetics, metabolic syndrome, physical activity, obesity, diet, nutritional education, cancer prevention

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Photo of Lee S. Yudin
Dean, College of Natural and Applied Sciences & Director, Western Pacific Tropical Research Center & Guam Cooperative Extension College of Agriculture & Life SciencesUniversity of Guam
Other Experiment UOG Station Mangilao GU 96923
Work Phone: 671-735-2002 Work Fax: 671-735-6842 Website:


Categories: Academic Director, Dean, LG
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